Part of my job as a scientist is to go to conferences and talk about my research. This not only lets other researchers know how my research is progressing, it’s also a great way to form new collaborations and find inspiration. Here is a list of conferences I’ve been to recently.

Nordic Workshop on Scattering from Soft and Biological Matter, Oslo 2017

Biomembrane Days, Max Planck Institute, Harnack Haus, Berlin 2016

Biophysical Society 60th Annual Meeting, USA 2016

Nordic Workshop on Scattering from Soft Matter, Sweden 2016

Royal Society, Soft Interfacial Materials: From fundamentals to formulations, London 2015

ITN SNAL: Principles of imaging for membrane systems, France 2015

European Biophysics Congress, Germany 2015

Nordic Workshop on Scattering from Soft Matter, Finland 2015

Bicontinuous Cubic Phases Conference, Australia 2014

Durham Centre for Soft Matter Workshop, Durham 2014

European High Pressure Research Group Conference, London 2013